live in berlin aug 4


i’m in berlin right now. spent the day sightseeing, although that is the worst word for it.

its a city so full of history. i’m staying in mitte, right near the wall in east berlin. 2 min walk from here is an old guard tower. i have been so overwhelmed with history. its been a very emotional day. i can see why the war is still so alive in the collective memory of the german people.

but, on another note, i too will be contributing a bit to the culture of berlin. i make my laptop debut on aug 4 as part of the daskleinefieldrecordings festival, mangling sound i recorded on my latest trip to kolkata and also plundering my own archives of music and phonographic sound in a live improvised set.


@ wendel (one of the best places in berlin for organic beer!), Schlesische Strasse 42, U-bahn Schlesisches Tor, Kreuzberg (of course).

21:30 doors, 5 Euro.



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  1. Damn! Sorry I missed it! Safe travels,


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