a good time was had by all

back from belfast, and what a trip!  the friendliness of the irish is by no means exaggerated.

had a great set @ an excellent venue, the black box, highly recommended if you are looking for a place to play.  the ISEA conference was quite an experience—never been to an academic conference before, and some of the seminars were of a different focus than the performative or process-oriented kind of explorations i usually seem to expose myself to.  however, i did see some good performances, even though the focus was on academia everyone made it out to the shows at night.  in particular i am very pleased to have finally met my now good friend yasuhiro morinaga, who had a great performance during the day the first day i got there.  we are on track for a performance in toronto for the new adventures in sound art festival soundplay.

there are pics of the set on my site thanks to colin, who was the volunteer in charge of the night.  only a few though—it was, after all pretty dark.

hitting the ground running, now.  kailash comes up at the end of the year, and the nuit blanche project with peggy baker is on tap as well—more on that later, and see previous posts here for links.

good night, and see you at a show soon….


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