field @ the sound symposium

back from a great time @ the sound symposium (follow the link to see some great pics from the 10 day festival).  played drums with maryem tollar but the thing i am most excited about is field, a new project by electroacoustic hurdy gurdy player ben grossman on music and myself on visuals and some digital sound.  we had our world premiere @ the festival and it went great.  some photos are here, and i will be posting video soon.

there will be much more activity in the field, so stay tuned.

for those of you in toronto, you can catch me @ dusk dances in withrow park august 3-8 @ 7pm.  i will be performing again with the inimitable peter chin/tribal crackling wind, with dancers kate holden and yves candau.

much more coming.  here are some photos from the field in st john’s, newfoundland:

video capture by greg locke

photo by greg locke

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  1. Dude!
    Looks sooo neat! Wish i could have experienced that gig.

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